The main activity of Hidrochem is high pressure hydrodynamics: action of water under high pressure is capable of removing various residues including glues, all type of polymers , carbon residues , cement, carbonates, petroleum derivatives as well as many chemical products. in this field, the company particularly has an integrated technical staff all of whom are highly qualified specialists. the experience of the staff has often proved decisive in the solution of many problematic encountered by Hidrochem in the course of its achievements. the high qualitative level of the staff and equipment has enabled Hidrochem to manage complex situations which in some case forced large petrochemical plants to shutdown. throughout the long experience in emergency intervention, Hidrochem has developed a safe and reliable procedure to carry out such missions in a very successful way. Today, Hidrochem is classified as one of the reference companies in the field of Hydrodynamics.

Chemical Washing

Hidrochem is one of the few efficent companies in the filed of industrial chemical washing, operatine in the italian territory. Hidrochem state of arts and equipement is the basic formula for the removal and disposal of encrustation and corrosion from pipelines, heat exchangers, boilers, chimney stacks and machinery not easily accessible by mean of traditional mechanical or hydrodynamic system. Our in-depth knowledge in this field, allow us to treat the removal of the most varied substances, preserving always the basic original material, by the use of suitable corrosion inhibitors. Hidrochem has carried out many interventions on pipeline, by section of 4 km length and over 200 cubic meter; special intervention have been made on boilers with the combustion chamber tallness of 60 m and chimney stack of 300 m height. Hidrochem performs rigorous controls by advanced instrumentation, on the washing solution (PH) and related parameters of concentration, in order to avoid any possible damage for the treated metals. Hidrochem standards includes the issue of detailed reports for the Client, in order to provide a detailed picture of the performance. Hidrochem can achieve a distinguished amount of works, because of the specialized equipment and machinery that produce a proficient combination of advantages due to the reciprocating effects of both chemical & high pressure hydrodynamics technology. We are proud to say that today Hidrochem is the only firm in the sector that posses nationally this technology. The tangible advantages are massive, both from the time of execution and quality point of view. Hidrochem policy results can be seen in the competitiveness on the costs, which is always kept in due evidence before to elaborate any estimate for new projects.

cold cutting

Hidrochem is also specialized in the cold cutting technology and process. By means of particular mixing nozzles cold cutting can be performed in all most of materials, such carbon steel & stainless steel, alloys and refractory, reinforced concrete. This process have been used extensively in Refineries and Fuel Storage TRanks, where the high dangers of explosion due to the presence of flammable product has made it necessary to avoid the use of heat producing sources such Oxyacetylene Flame Cutting, Electrical Arc Cutting, ehich require special set up for the safety precaution, onerous upon the cost of maintenance. Customer draw great advantages from the application of this technique. As a matter of fats, the high precision of cut does not require any additional mechanical operation for the restoring the structure, thus yielding great saving. Numerical control automation for handling and monitoring the cutting nuzzles makes absolutely safe the system for the operator in order to allow them to work from under safe conditions. Up to now this application have been done in various and several interventions: opening of man hole on the tank’s side wall to gaining better access during the decontamination procedure, where the existence of flammable elements does not allow the use of flames for cutting. Another specific application of the cold cutting is the demolition of reinforced concrete structure, specially where it is crucial the use of pneumatic jack hammer due to the high vibration caused by this that influences negatively the stability of the entire structure.

Tank Cleaning & Sludge removal

Hidrochem undertakes highly specialized intervention of reclamation in full respect for the environment. In relation to the content of the tank (combustibles, waste toxic and highly inflammable material), the company intervenes with specifically trained specialized staff and with suitable equipment. the intervention is carried out through the employment of machinery for washing and descaling performed at very high pressure, and by use of appropriate rotating heads. All is carried out with D.P.I. accredited in A.D.R equipment in accordance with the current safety laws and regulations.

Pipe Renewal

Last burn between the services offers from the Hidrochem is the professional reorganization of pipelines: - for the drinkable water I placed you of rust, dirt and limestone in the pipelines of the pieces of real estate of old date dirty water can have various consequences (water brown, piercing corrosion, breach of the pipelines, losses, narrowing of the section, decrease of pressure, formation of germs and bacteria). Through the innovative system NeoVac AquaSan the Hidrochem is in a position to taking part immediately for a complete reorganization of the pipelines of the drinkable water allowing a saving of beyond 70% respect to a traditional reorganization or to the complete substitution of the pipelines, all in minor time, without uses it of chemical products, guaranteeing cleaning, rapidity and convenience. - of gas and water undergrounds put down The pipelines of the gas and the water put down underground are exposed to external sollicitations many elevating and sometimes they introduce I placed to you massive. The causes are several that can carry to damages, whose removal involves remarkable expenses. Through the system NeoVac Tuboblex the Hidrochem takes part for the reorganization of such lead. The pipelines come cleaned up through the system of the relining with woven flexible tube in. This particular participation guarantees a long-lasting reorganization, thanks to which the capacity of the building participations is reduced lessened and come true remarkable savings on the costs. With a special system of upsetting a flexible tube comes inserted in the gallery puts into effect them and under pressure it comes glue to the inner wall of the tube.

Other Services

industrial decontamination of: reservoirs and petrol, petrochemical plants; decontamination and cleaning of: artistic works and restoration of monuments; hydro-demolition of: concrete and reinforced concrete structures; cleaning of: buildings fade and artistic works by Armex technique; cleaning of: pipelines and aqueducts by means of Pig system.